Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Age of Awareness

I didn't do a New Years post, though there is lots to consider in the near future, and far. But I consider it with Hope. There are many possibilities, and as I accept the good ones, and reject the rest, I claim the future. Because it is good -- with the raising of consciousness. We are all a part of it. If we choose.

The Age of Awareness
What's happening right now in this age of awareness?
As I age, how I age, I become aware of the process of aging.
Of the aged. Of the ages.
I begin to realize the continuity of life.
The conduit that we are. That I am.
Am becoming.
The essence of the divine continually flowing from there to here.
From the unknown. From the omniscient, all-knowing.
From the realm of spirit, through the strata of visions, of dreams.
Of nudges and intuition. And finally thought.
Till ideas, perfect and imperfect are made manifest.
Half-truths become whole.
And lies are exposed.
Illusion vanishes and recaptures us at once.
Here and now.
I am.
I age. And see the flow from God to man.
Through man. Mankind. Humankind.
Godkind. Because we are made in The Image.
Through us in potential, as we develop, as we mature in body, in mind.
I recognize the vitality, the adventure, the risk-taking of youth.
Like I knew I could never loose, just decades ago.
And now, that fear, that abhorring of the aging process,
the cycle perceived by many as death, is upon me
in a lesser sense. A better sense. It's not.
A knowing. That maturity, that wisdom is in the passage of time.
In experience. In the mistakes and trials. The failures and heartbreaks.
We age to awareness, if we accept our own power, and weakness.
And responsibility. As the conduit for the blessings divine.
I see now the flow, the images and vision.
Just out of sight.
Like old movies flashing. Or flash cards showing.
The thousands of lives we have lived.
The legions, the languages. The legends. The saints and masters.
The slaves and demons. Inventions. Advancements.
And little, by little it brightens and dims.
Gone in a flash, and back.
The human condition.
Reality. What is it? But understanding.
The process of progress. From conception to grave.
From inception to manifestation.
From spirit to matter.
We are one.
The wisdom of ages. The vitality of youth.
The Love of God. The care of God's children.
And gratitude for the Blessing of Life.