Saturday, June 25, 2011

Refine and Expand

A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture
every day of his life. --Goethe


Every day I hear the music and poetry and secrets whispered by all creation, because it is by listening that I recognize the subtle color, finer detail and broader picture of this life. The Sound emanates from every atom in the universe. And between atoms there is nothing but The Sound, because all matter is but a crystallization of It.

When you hear It, you know.
--Ardi       .

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain Sleep

I like to awaken in the night to possibilities of new consciousness.

rain sleep
dreams deeper
keeping peace till morning
comes a little later to say
this day blesses me
in summer reprieve
and relax

Still raining, and I'm loving it.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fish Answers

Life has its ups and downs.  We strive for the best.
But there is always turmoil in the world. Strife. Upheaval. Threats to survival. 
Could be economic. Weather. Geological. Political. Relationships.
Always disruptive. But sometimes -- after the storm...
Reprieve. Or new beginning.
A place of peace.


in darkness
quiet . peace . a dream
almost imperceptible
a whisper . or . distant wind
approaching . quickening
rushes in upon me
a flood envelops my room
my life
inundates my being
wrecking the reality 
of this moment
this world.
I am 
completely overtaken
by the undoing
the flood . the rush 
o sound
Retreat or succumb
run in panic
or swim in death
Lifted outside myself.
Who am I?
I am this Sound!
This flood.
The ocean moved in
and I moved within it
Is this death?
Or life?
Fish says,
What you call your death 
is my breath.
I say, 
I'll have to grow gills 
to make this mine.
But my new buoyancy 
prevents such utterance.
Just the Sound.
The Word.
The roar.
I am one with the fish.
The Ocean.
The Current of New Light.
Of Sound.
I see. I hear.
I ask you,
Is this real?
Fish answers.
I listen.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Art and Primary Function

Thought not guided by mind.
Art. Poetry.
Spiritual function. Form. Expansion.
Interpretation of the non-material through the material.
Translation of truth.
Shifting consciousness.

This Love

The form
A woman I love
Have always loved
Even before I knew her
And still don’t know her
Eyes glance recalling
The secrets of my past
Journey in the valley
Of the stone bridge
Almost hidden
By her smile
Her hand
Gentle Supple
Just to touch her sleeve
Or mine hers
A thread
Hair brush
So fine
Many In array
At the cedar easel
Just through the window
Mona Lisa
Da Vinci
Her love
And mine

© 2011 Ardi Keim (6/4)