Thursday, June 23, 2005

If you see it today...

...and like it, it may change tomorrow.

Hopefully for the better. It's hard for me to declare a poem finished.

Is a work of art ever done?

A voice keeps speaking--so I listen.

For instance, tonight after a very hot day in this neck of the woods, and the AC not working so well:

I write
as if all is well.
Sun heats the dark roofs gray.
Wind stopped by awfull thoughts.
Road tar melts. Pavement rocks.
I plod with tired feet
and then remember what I forgot:
All is well
dispite this.

Who knows, I may delete it after a few more reads, if attempts at editing doesn't suit me. What do you think??

Friday, June 17, 2005

Reflecting Perfect Blue

Wisconsin Dells--where pines and standing rock link river and sky.

View sun trees mottled
green in song of light.
Cool the flow through open door
across my feet that tread these woods yesterday
and now the breeze.

New tans and yellowed red
pine and oaks and lichen log alive
the same two mourning doves
hear a robin too.

Walkers along the trail fence
and ancient layered rock
high bank of river
reflecting perfect blue.

Peace this morning out-of-doors
and in the heart of my day.
Starts now.
Good Morning, Master.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

RTW -- the Poem

First the concept of new-found wisdom. Then it spoke to me with a name. It's everywhere if you listen.

River-Tree Whispers

I heard it new one day
Life drawn skyward by sap to sun.
Talks to me across the ocean of reason.
Trees on the water
Calling by breeze of light,
Lisp of insects and dancing bees,
By bird song and chirp,
Within the silence of unlimited space
connecting all earth-sound
and soul's first flight.

River-tree whispers. Rocks babble.
Brook trout, still in the current,
eyes the dragon fly.
Is ready.
Does not flee the roar.
Trees of the forest,
Your message, the song.
And freedom in cause.

River-tree whispers.
I hear your call.

If you have a theme or concept, an image or dream
that begs for poetic expression -- I can help. Email
me at Refer to this blog,
River-Tree Whispers. --a