Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Presence


It's better than advise or philosophy

for truth is not in the words,

but in the heart.

What I say

is little understood.

And usually wrong.

Speak only

from the practiced presence

of the Mahanta.

.       © 2013 Ardi Keim (concept and draft of 5/8/13)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Stone Soup

When almost awake it is so clear. But without some kind of hook or ladle, it's gone in a flash. Barely a hint of its nourishing savor.

Stone Soup

I live in both worlds now

and my allegiance is fleeting.

Dream Master, help me. I am spent.

Truth shines like the sun

till it sets without a snapshot.

Misplaced in mental obligation,

habit and memory.


I must write it down,

or get enough rest and nourishment.

The morning is fresh, but the canary is free.

No concept of one till another flies through –

like migrating birds to the mechanics

of earth revolving.


Truth I know is the anticipation

of stone soup.

Then, after many guests

and hours of cooking,

it's back to the heart

till the words are not mine

yet precious as my lover.
© 2013 Ardi Keim