Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving for Love

I awoke from a dream with gratitude. But I thought I had forgotten to post anything of this occasion, Thanksgiving Day -- because it already happened in the dream and I was thankful. But I forgot to relay it to those I love. Now I am grateful that the day has just begun. And a good day it is.

For Love

I am grateful for Love, and the Dream of Love
Thank you, Dream Master. I am filled with this love.
I love my family. You fill my heart completely.
Yet, there is still room. It grows.
I love my friends.
You keep me on my toes.
Life is rich in this journey with you.
It really never ends.
I am grateful for the comfort
and your counsel.
I love you and I thank you.
The mirror shines more clearly now.
I am grateful for this opportunity to get it right,
to recognize the Source of Love in everyone,
to love all as I love myself,
I love myself and try to live it.
To love right.
And left.
It is never wrong.
Even in confrontations
with those I thought opposed.
Mind only thinks--but does it know?
I am Soul and still learning.
In Love. In gratitude.
I thank you.

This Love (a re-post)

Thought not guided by mind.
Art. Poetry.
Spiritual function. Form. Expansion.
Interpretation of the non-material through the material.
Translation of truth.
Shifting consciousness.

This Love

The form
A woman I love
Have always loved
Even before I knew her
And still don’t know her
Eyes glance recalling
The secrets of my past
Journey in the valley
Of the stone bridge
Almost hidden
By her smile
Her hand
Gentle Supple
Just to touch her sleeve
Or mine hers
A thread
Hair brush
So fine
Many In array
At the cedar easel
Just through the window
Mona Lisa
Da Vinci
Her love
And mine

© 2011 Ardi Keim (6/4)


First posted on 6/4/2011 as "Art and Primary Function"

Saturday, November 03, 2012


In a dream I was dreaming of a hero.
Awoke, I found me asleep,
So got up to find myself here. O!
There's a dog in each heard of sheep.

So if all characters in a dream are the dreamer, Am I the hero, the dog or a sheep??

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Late Summer Light

Two weeks past – a glance from car window to prairie color.
Still I see it, and took this long to write.

late summer light (1)

stripes drawn rich from west
rust tints tan and red
grass bent seed heads
curly dock scepters moderating light
silver shone white from aspens in the draw
as if quaking to would-be cumulus

but not

heads of red clover
burnt chocolate brown
and crisp with insect wings
golden rod tilted till tomorrow’s
deeper shades of gray
shadowed in yesterdays hays

of dreams now spent

rasp-rough trunk of solo ash
in prairie sentry watch
sun-jaundiced leaf on elbowed branch
sensing rest in 4:30 fever
where every morning's due
aspires to starlit skies

then it falls

© 2012 Ardi Keim 9/6/12 (rev. 9/13/12)

late summer light  (2)

Love the late summer light

color and textures rich with insight.
People and plants stressed
and easy to see both sides of good days.
And better ways to show it.

Green in the valley
where river still runs. Slower now.
And cottonwood leaves 
turn yellow to tan.
Tree cover thin as mother's lace.

But it's cooler at night
when we rest in our dreams.
Sea breeze and gulls on the mast.
And hope for tomorrow's meaning.

© 2012 Ardi Keim 9/13/12

late summer light  (3)

Evening news. Talk radio. 

NPR. Press and tube.
To hear and read
the state of things Yahoo.
And yet to be 
and see . . .

Then today. Unplugged.
The heads of shadowed hue
in morning light.
A mourning dove.
Willow--where the fawn walks. 
Red blades on dying grass.
Sumac turning.
It's real.
With true color. 
And right.

© 2012 Ardi Keim 8/20/12 (rev. 9/23/12)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

One With Sea

Recently, in our first cruise vacation this life, I was concerned about motion sickness because as a child I could not handle wild carnival rides.  But I was surprised. I actually enjoyed the motion of the ship, even when the seas were rough.  Like I had been there before -- in another ship on ancient seas.   Have any others had a similar experience?  

One With Sea

The sea.
.     The waves.
.          The ship.
I cling by soul,
by rig and rope.
I rise the swell to peak
and crash with pull and press
then fall to trough   
jack standard deep
and heave from bow to stern.

Roll and pitch   
to stress the deck,
its rack and roar,
creak in mast   
and timber truss support..
Salt-wind soaked,   
mainsail, mizzen
jib sheets full and taut
with tiller lashed to fast.    
This fleet
I ride a voyage   
high and trying.
See its triumphant end.
At sea as Soul I am in peace
and one with sea and wind.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Other Garden

A recurring dream has been of a garden that extends beyond the one in my back yard. I realized its spiritual significance one morning.

The Other Garden 

Don't forget the color patch 
Green and earth, rainbows match. 
Another garden harvest soon. 
Across the road and by the moon.
I till the loam and plant and weed 
To culture seeds of daytime dreams.

-ak 6/28/12

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magic in Light

Magic in Light 

Burst in air's light 
a thousand displays 
arranged to top my day 
sunlight fades on green
but beauty still holds 
in each magic flare
of my delight. 
are my garden 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Why Do I Love You?

THINK & feel -- How can I voice it? Poetry is an attempt at recording or relaying truth by sound in speech or writing. But words are really so inadequate. An attempt. Perhaps in two different voices.
THIS FEELING: PERCEPTION--A KNOWING light of eyes DIVINE NATURE IN ALL curl caught ray ABOUT LOVE AND ITS MANIFESTATION IN YOU. scent and smile WHY  DO I LOVE YOU? one syllable on your voice HOW TO EXPRESS IT--YOUR BEING a sigh IN PERSON . IN LOVE. even a tear IN RELATION TO OTHERS held on cheek HUMANNESS. HUMAN BEING then descending DOING. REALIZING. the side of your chin MAKING MISTAKES AND LEARNING to touch OVER TIME OR BEYOND your shoulder IN A FLASH -- ENLIGHTENMENT a hand INSPIRATION IS A VISITOR TO ALL uncovered CREATIVE EXPRESSION by cuff BY MATTER AND MOVEMENT every thread BY LIGHT AND SOUND and wrinkle IN HARMONY alert my being IN GRACE to love IN LOVE your love ETERNAL and mine.
ak ~ APRIL 2012
rev. addition may 11, 2011

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love This Season

some say
winter without snow cover is like life without love

for my zip code says 0 inches today, tonight and tomorrow
I miss it

snowed-in might be nice.
try me

but even this:

how often snow
soft and gentle? slow
before a storm's report
and nature's current need
a force to pull and push by gale
nor'eastern west and empty in its rage
then again to pace for down soft fall
to cover sins bruise bare still raw
and harsh before its start
a budding quick
to Spring

then it could be the passion of love
making snow by poetic invocation

I wrote and posted the above poem on Saturday. Tuesday morning we had 5 inches at our house. Not snowed-in, but grateful anyway. --a