Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Leaves Smolder

Have you ever had a scent freeze the moment, yet take you by vignette to another time and place?

my photo, Eugene, Oregon

Fall Leaves Smolder

Didn't see the smoke
while passing
through its neighborhood --
the earth-locked scent
recalling an evening walk
in Ubon.
Families gather
sheltered in open air
char pot lit
returning to reclaim
this evenings peace.
The air is still heavy, but cooling
to rich brocade of character
extracted from the day's labor
in commerce and stride.
Anticipation of now
still seen in midday
bikes and taxi samlors racing
water buffalo soaks up to ears and horns and nose
in noonday sun
a whisk of smoke
and hemp fiber drying
noodles on wooden racks.
Savor kow paht gahp gai
slow the time
but no less intense.
Thailand --
this evening's walk.

photo from

In 1966 I was stationed in Thailand with the US Army Signal Corp. These are typical scenes of my time there. Close to the earth, rich in culture.  I remember the scent of burning vegetation.  The smoke of fall leaves burning brought me back 45 years.

photo from

Monday, November 28, 2011

Patch of Sky

What color pink-gold
was that patch of sky tonight
just after sunset?
Takes me back
to a childhood Christmastime
jigsaw puzzle--500 pieces.
Chimney white smoke
and pillows of tree-bough snow
four-pane yellow-lit window for grandma's pie
stone bridge and sleigh bells
that I can almost hear
and a patch of sky
through birch.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yesterdays Table

After Thanksgiving. Friends share and bless our day.
Thank you.

yesterdays table
blest by friend soul family
fine fare in feast
we share by voice
and hear each heart story song draw
patterns of love repeated
of love repeated
short and long
to polish the vessel
Soul precious
the metal in stone is gold
a choice
release or hold
fine memories rendered
thought lost
both sweet and not
can now take flight by suit
to distant lands

Friday, November 25, 2011


What is there but divine expression?
Comes any day. To any Soul.

Is Love.

And is in

The Turning

Treadmill cycles of rest and run
fits and starts, hope and exasperation
exhilaration -- trial in turning
till its weakness and strength
emerges opposed.
Exposed -- this Soul
longing to know
to grow
to learn the mystery
of its own being
in peace, in strife
in chaos and understanding
the unlimited possibility of truth
on both sides till the anointing
awareness of the Giver
is within each.
Divine expression of Love.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tale of a Tear

It started with the first words of a song at the memorial service for a friend's mother last night. The song was Highland Journey Home.
tale of a tear

this tear
released by the words of a song
and its journey across my face to my heart
on the path of love
high on the cheekbone of a child
nurtured in the age of joy
soft on the place of my own mother's kiss
sweet tickle
the corner of memory's smile
time collected and shared and held
more freely now to linger
little longer
on the chin of recognition
soul's loving light