Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magic in Light

Magic in Light 

Burst in air's light 
a thousand displays 
arranged to top my day 
sunlight fades on green
but beauty still holds 
in each magic flare
of my delight. 
are my garden 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Why Do I Love You?

THINK & feel -- How can I voice it? Poetry is an attempt at recording or relaying truth by sound in speech or writing. But words are really so inadequate. An attempt. Perhaps in two different voices.
THIS FEELING: PERCEPTION--A KNOWING light of eyes DIVINE NATURE IN ALL curl caught ray ABOUT LOVE AND ITS MANIFESTATION IN YOU. scent and smile WHY  DO I LOVE YOU? one syllable on your voice HOW TO EXPRESS IT--YOUR BEING a sigh IN PERSON . IN LOVE. even a tear IN RELATION TO OTHERS held on cheek HUMANNESS. HUMAN BEING then descending DOING. REALIZING. the side of your chin MAKING MISTAKES AND LEARNING to touch OVER TIME OR BEYOND your shoulder IN A FLASH -- ENLIGHTENMENT a hand INSPIRATION IS A VISITOR TO ALL uncovered CREATIVE EXPRESSION by cuff BY MATTER AND MOVEMENT every thread BY LIGHT AND SOUND and wrinkle IN HARMONY alert my being IN GRACE to love IN LOVE your love ETERNAL and mine.
ak ~ APRIL 2012
rev. addition may 11, 2011