Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cinnamon Roll

Here's one from the past. The cooler weather brings back the experience.
I was working in the yard and came in to the scent of my wife's fine craft.

What waft doth freshen man’s heart with love
but the scent of dough bake rolled
and rising from the hearth o’ pantry’s oven.
Aroma home and hot with butter.
What better way to say she loves me,
than with the roll of honey loose,
laid with nuts and dripping in twist this treat.
Could hardly be said much better
by her fond touch and stretch shared later
in night chamber’s down of goodness drifting.
Hot and tender. Soft pull and chew.
The love of woman makes sweet the home
and did I mention cinnamon roll?

written 3/27/03


  1. Thanks for looking in on my blog, and the invitation to yours. I'll be back!

    This one is perhaps a bit too Shakespearean, but I enjoyed it, and am having fun in looking at some of your other things. It seems we share some social views, and an appreciation of metaphor, almost for its own sake. I'm one who wants to continue to get better, so please feel free to get negative with me on any of mine, and by all means keep in touch! You sound like someone I'd like to know. :-)

  2. Thanks. Yeah, Shakespeare comes through sometimes. It's fun for me. I like to keep it light. Or shine a higher light. And I tend not to be negative to those I disagree with. We all have our own opinions, styles, etc. Intelligent discussion and light banter are more productive. Really. I try to see the good in all. And if some doesn't see it in themselves and their co-travelers, there's not much to discuss.

    We all move on, but not in the same direction. Our paths cross.


  3. Super page, I liked it a lot. I'll try to come often. Thanks!