Thursday, November 03, 2005

What Is A Poet?

Not a writer of textbooks
or calculated treatises of reason where
words hold intent of well rationed thought.

The discipline less production
than happenstance in the issue of ether.

To merely transcribe what is heard
by the way of the heart as it heals every instant.
Not that recording is a talent suburb,
but the words are more song than symbol.

More to claim as a poet my good fortune for the gifts I receive.
And I thank you. For I am a child of God.
I listen, I capture.
And I share too.


  1. Thank you for sharing your insights with the world through your beautiful songs of poetry. You truly do bring God's love song into the world through your poetry - thereby recycling the higher vibrations :-)

  2. this one is fantastic - in that it appeals to me even more than all your other (already fabulous) works because of its self-referentialism (is that what it's called?) I mean, i enjoy it as a poem, but also because it's poetry examining poetry. A beautiful symmetry. A spiral into the navel. thank you for your continuing inspiration.

  3. drogidy, we inspire each other. The poetry of image is also a translation from the inner worlds.