Sunday, December 11, 2005

spring tree

Out of season? Maybe. But the previous poem, Even Snowmen Cheer, did spring from this one yesterday morning.
spring tree bounce
and dance from season to season
your roots do not hold you
to any law but love
I love trees in all seasons. They move in wondrous ways. Move me to poetic inspiration (see also Tree Climbing), and all who live—to breath.
We don't live without 'em.
Climb aboard.


  1. ardist,

    In your 3 poems your write about nature and seasons, and your love for trees; the eternal cycle of nature and life - your inspiration:)
    I also love trees - they represent us in a way. Isn't the man a tree!?

    I liked the three of them.

  2. Thanks, Kate. Nature, Spirit and Dance of the Heart are what speaks to me. When I hear the divine voice there, I write it down.

  3. I love trees so much also. "Trees of the ages". I wrote about them in one of my post in the fall. Trees just have such special meaning don't you think? Its hard to express, there's just so much about tree's. Ancient wisdom. Tender roots grow with longing.