Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Garden Spade

Is this the last of it? Ten inches on Monday. I ran off the road and packed it against a white bank. Six on Wednesday with a shovel in the trunk. Exciting, but I have another hope.
Late storm last week
Now in trees and ready eaves
Robins extrude their call for Spring
Sings like the cheer of maybe a month away
But in my heart today, and soon the garden spade.


  1. Yes! Definitely! There's no stopping spring now. You've captured that nagging anticipation for greener (or maybe, just green) pastures perfectly.

  2. Ardi, thanks for visiting. Seem to share the same interests. Enjoyed the first visit...

  3. i was supposed to get snow yesterday, and didn't. now there's no justification for the cold weather. it better warm up soon.

  4. hope the garden spade comes out really soon.