Sunday, April 23, 2006

April Love

Two weeks ago I raked the winter cover of leaves off the strawberries. Yesterday I got out to the garden again to see blueberry buds and pear blossoms. I did a little pruning and clean-up. Lots more to come.

Love these days and April
with Spring promises fulfilled.
Ides of March a far cry from now.
Green pulls its reach to blue
and opens in love of new color.
What could hold more beauty than April's hand?
Each day on earth is another opportunity to bloom.
I wait, but not in vain.
Seed in rich soil yields a hundred fold.
April is rich in Love.

There are many more good days ahead.


  1. sweet with such beauty!

    thanks 4 stopping by

  2. I love this time of the year, too!

  3. Rich and intense as a bright April day.

  4. I love this...thank you for stopping by and posting on my blog. It is much appreciated.