Monday, December 25, 2006

This Is A Great Day!

This is a Great Day!
Sun bright on snow
Everywhere so blest.
And here it came
not in the fury of storm
But gentle
and only enough
to whiten the earth
roads now black and dry.

This is a Great Day!
So was the one when I crashed in a snow bank
last January driving my new car to work.
Or joined the army in ignorance.
In 1964 I didn't even
know of Vietnam.
Or a man called Jesus
Was really born in Spring
to a virgin.

This is a Great Day
to believe
what my experience
and culture and teachers
and the limited workings of my mind
sets in writing some how.

I sit and reflect on this Great Day
that all action comes from belief
and the urge to return
to a state of peace and love.
There is a plan.
And sometimes
when I stop in the void
its working is more than belief
or feeling or knowing
or action.
It is.
A Great Day!


  1. I love how your poem both describes three states, and seems to be written from the state of consciousness of each state.

    Beginning outside your own action;
    Moving to action coming from belief;
    Then into the "it is" of the void.

    In the end you have wrapped the human consciousness of action coming from belief inside a wrapper of two perspectives on something greater.

    Thanks, Ardi -- it's a great day!

  2. This poem give me hope to believe and to stop "in the moment" and feel peace and love in the "inaction"..thank you Ardi.

    Hope you have a "Great Day" on New Years!

    May 2007 be a true healing of compassion and understanding in this country of ours.

    With Angel Blessings,


  3. I like the distant irony in this. And the double layer.

    Good work here.