Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who Wrote It?

I was reminded that I've been gone from here for too long. Sometimes I blame not writing on the long, dry winter, or the challenge and busy-ness of home renovation on a budget. But all are excuses.

This one started in morning contemplation.

Beyond the quick step and cold heart of winter
is the healing hand of spring.
Even global warming with science and warnings
will not keep the Great Mother
from purging herself of pain.
War and peace and sea level find balance
in the budding of cherry blossoms
and tomorrow's ten below.
What can I do, but listen and follow my heart
in the face of a nation of lemmings
heaven-bent with the glee
of a sea breeze or apathy?
Entertainment Tonight.
Super Bowl Sunday.
Or tonight's news . . .
Who writes it,
but we?


  1. Very nice, Ardi!

    The crowds follow the same forces that keep the stream in its bed, the sun in the sky, the seasons in their sequence. For them it has been written.

    But for the individual soul, who writes it but me?

  2. Excellent, well said and very true Ardi. I love this one.

    Hope your doing well,