Saturday, May 03, 2008

Love the Feast

What is love, but an honoring of God in everyone?

Can it be for just one without being for all?

You and You, and It and Me

in a tree and on a hill.

We tell the same story

in connection with Source.

We are of a sacred station.

Not tethered in stanchion by thought,

unless we think a lot in circles

and forget who we are.

Are we worthy of a feast?

Reason only takes us so far.

And we’ve all been further than that.

There are seeds in my apple,

orchards in my future with pie

and cinnamon's right


Love the feast

we are.


  1. some deep thoughts here
    and beautifully rendered.

  2. Poetry by Ardi, I am taken to the place of "present moment" and remember - "I AM, That I am".

  3. Thanks, friends and lovers, all.