Monday, September 22, 2008

in the river

there is
the sea that draws me
from ground spring
and forest rain
to carry its life on leaf
and rippled song -- a notion
thought of going home
becomes an urge
ocean of heart
current in this river
there it is
the sea


  1. I know that attraction of the sea very well and feel it everyday I walk by the creek in the woods across the street. Beautiful write.

  2. This is so beautiful..I known how you might feel.

    "All the rivers are givers to the ocean according to plan"..I miss the ocean so so calls to me on a regular day soon I plan on making it there..and I can feel the waves and the water beckoning to me and calling out "welcome" as the tide touches my toes!


  3. Thank you for adding Truth and Beauty to my Friday night solitude, I knew I was going to let myself "go with the flow" tonight, together with some Merlot left at our door to thank us for stacked deadwood we'd put by the side of the road. Wood for wine.
    And imagine, the rivers that are our veins, they flow to that Ocean that is the Source. And all is swell.
    SisSTAR Kylita

  4. Hello Ardi, I love the solitary feel of
    this poem, the single focus of returning.