Sunday, February 22, 2009


Head submits
to heart and soul
so hand and voice
can yield a poem.



  1. Oh yes, I understand completely this writing. I ften think it in this way..

    I've had writers blog for quite some time now which is why I basically post poems from my archives in the past. I hope my creativity comes back if and when I get my life settled and off the survival mode in order to live. It's as if I've lost a huge part of "me" of who I really am and all's not a good feeling to feel that space crowded up with so much "stuff".

    I always have hope and look forward to that part of me coming back again. The most important part of me which I so "cherish".


  2. Rhi, Thanks for your comment. You'll notice I too have posted quite a few from the past lately too. This time in late winter gets me down a bit. I'm looking forward to the new life and new light of Spring. Creativity is why we are here.