Sunday, April 26, 2009

Full Gallop

Dad told me stories of he and his Uncle Crist, a horse trader and sheriff.
While driving a herd to Eureka, South Dakota, dad drove the wagon.

It was several day's journey.
At the end they raced a hailstorm home to cover.

When I was 10, we had a white and black pinto.
He was jumpy at first.

Dad taught us a lot
about horses.

(this morning's page from my journal)

Full Gallop

First is trust

by touch and whisper
velvet strokes
and scent shared
till silent's question
answers only
to riding bare-back
at full gallop.
Hold back nothing
in love.

1 comment:

  1. I loved pintos and girl scouts we got to ride horses on a mountain trail in the summer..I rode a palimino and a chestnut. Not sure about my spelling here about the horses.

    I love's very important to let them get to know you first..reaching out a hand for them to smell or sniff..not grabbing and forcing or pulling..gentleness is the way..and if they are interested in getting to know you they will let you know..

    Wish people were more like animals.

    Thanks for sharing Ardi..I've been away for some time now..just getting will take time.

    Hope your doing well..enjoying spring.