Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Law of Allowing: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I usually post pieces of this nature on my ShareTree blog, but I believe this is worth the space on River-Tree Whispers.

Last night we watched the movie, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Watch it if you dare. After seeing it, as well as a few other significant news items lately -- like the forced medication of Danny Hauser, and the torture memos -- I decided to distill into words my outlook on the matter of liberty. Here goes:

There is one law -- the Higher Law -- that all others or based on, either in support of, or in defiance of that law.
  • The Law grants the freedom to do anything . . .
But because we live here, and the Higher Law is manifest in this world of opposites, it proceeds in statement as:
  • . . . except denying others the same freedom.
And because the passivity of allowing has an opposite activity, it continues:
  • Only the defense of freedom will assure it. Passivity in its defense is activity in its corruption.
* * *

There is awareness and there is action. Where do I stand?

What do we do when we become aware that freedom is denied to another who is not being justly defended? Should we speak out, state the obvious and make others aware? Or is not doing so passivity in defense of The Law? Passivity, I believe, will result in heightened action -- either in defense of The Law, or its corruption. Revolution need not be violent.

* * *

Be aware that
what and when and where
to speak and act
is best guided by
a more direct connection
to The Source
of the Higher Law.

The Spirit of Life
does not degrade it.

* *

There are no Others. We are all Soul. Soul is a spark of the Divine.


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  1. Ardi,

    From the start of reading this post and all the way to the end of it, I could not help but think of Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, among many others. Being that they all stood for something important in all of our lives. They also spoke up for the weak, poor, sick and also for rights that are ours as mere human beings. Each person I named here basically sacrificed their life (sometimes not knowing they would) and lost their lives because of it. I think of quotes like "I have a dream" and "turn the other cheek", "my god my god why has thy forsaken me"? and a funny one from a movie even..."I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". I believe being passive can work at times...peaceful ways by not "moving", standing in the face of violence without being violent. This takes risks. This takes the most spiritual strength one can fanthom..knowing loss of life may come with the "passive inaction"..but also when one stands up for theirs rights because their life is threatened and they must face the fear, in order to merely survive. It is something that I feel many have had to do in this chaotic life now..I've experienced it myself a lot in the last 10 years of my life...if I had not stood up nor asserted myself I would not be alive today...sorry to be so intense about this but it is intense.

    I have witnessed people in this country go through great suffering of poverty and needing medical care and or just a "Helping hand" and I have observed people look and then pass them by "looking the other way" pretending they did not see it. I have no understanding whatsoever how people can do this. I am unable to relate to looking away from one in desperate need.

    We as humans still have much to learn about when to "act" and when to "not act" and both of these "actions" and "inactions" are necessary at different points in time and "situations"..

    Hope I made some sense here. You really got me thinking.