Friday, January 01, 2010

The Year 2010

Today is the first day in a new era of thought for me.

During this past year in my duties at work I started entering dates of 2010 as due dates for certain objectives. It wasn't till then that it dawned on me: The year 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar will soon be upon us. What then? Will the world end in the way science says it started? The drama and chaos of human reaction, environmental upheaval, warfare and the fireworks of a final big bang are the substance of popular movies. But how do we adjust our lives in light of future possibilities and the consequences of past action?

We can proceed in one of two ways:

--We can do something to better the possibilities; or

--We can let fate take its course and continue in our day-to-day regimen of survival.

If the Mayan calendar is our guide we have two years to prepare and make the most of our lives till it's over.

But then again, every day, every year we have that same opportunity. I know my life will end -- sooner or later. Why not live it wisely and richly to its conclusion? This is the time of resolution. Do we fix our resolve to the calendar or clock? And if we fall short of our goals, at what point do we regroup with new conviction?

We live in a world of cycles, a world of opposites. There are always ups and downs. Periods of plenty and scarcity. When we recognize our orientation in this world -- balance, or self-righting is possible. Understanding the process of change and the laws of cause and effect helps us maintain or regain a state of balance through the challenges of life. I choose to create my world with the resources and choices available. And the only limits are what I accept.

I have had some significant realizations for myself over the past few weeks of holiday interaction and welcoming of the new year. One thing I love about this season is getting together with friends and family, some of whom we don't see very often, sharing food and gifts and love and viewpoints so often not considered during our work-a-day routines. We are creatures of habit, and opening our hearts to the love and lives of others helps us adjust our own concepts and rules of living. Greetings shared by cards and letter, phone calls or on-line are equally cherished. Though, over time we gave up trying to send out cards every year, it is with love and appreciation that we read the ones received, grateful for the time and effort spent in remembering us. I commend all who write a personal note or call each year. Your contribution to my awareness helps me grow.

My realizations are not necessarily new, but their significance seems more applicable for me right now. Always:

  1. Love is what matters most. No matter what differences we have in beliefs or lifestyle or possessions, the connection of heart is above all else most precious.
  2. We love to share and share best what we love. There are many good people ready and willing to share their skills and time and resources.
  3. There are levels of reality beyond what the mind can define or identify. Conventions of science and society are both limiting, yet liberating when their limits are understood.
  4. We have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our thoughts and actions direct the quality and maintenance of these rights.
  5. Value is not in our resources, but in how we use them.
  6. Gratitude and generosity assure continued gifts of life.

With these, I know that this year and the future will bring much opportunity. When the artificial systems of man, like government and monetary structure fail us, our resourcefulness in small community will assure survival and even thriving after a period of adjustment.

I believe we exist because of a supreme design of love and rightness. And that we progress when we operate by that design. I choose to thrive by sharing in the collective efforts of all who recognize that what we give returns to us many times. I look forward to sharing good fortune with you as we have the opportunity. And we all have the same advantage with those close to us.

Love is what matters most. All else adds or subtracts from that.

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  1. Very well said Ardi! I always have hope for this world of a spiritual way. I don't pay much attention to dooms day stuff..that seems to come around every 10 years or so..predictions and such.

    I have always felt that no human on earth can predict such things..only mother earth, father sky and the "universal knowing" will know what will be...or not is not in our hands. But still we can continue to always try and make a difference in this crazy world of ours. Meanwhile like you said "Love" is all that matters..bottom line..and I couldn't agree with you more.

    Hope you have a blessed full and "richness of heart" New Year Ardi.

    With Love and Blessings,