Friday, February 26, 2010


A reading from Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones. The two lives of a writer. We are the writers. Fireplace across the room.

Dance, Flame! Shine!
Your fire is brighter this time.
Burnishing new images.
Protecting the peace of mind.
Past holidays have once more convened.
The hearth is the venue
Home-making the show.
The heat, comfort—
Sweet ambiance of kinship
Is the heart song uplifted.
Grandfather's cadence calls the clock
As the past reminds the present.
Grandmother's pie.
This is Love.
Reflection and glow.
Fulfilling. Abundant
As right satisfaction.
Rings true. Is love.
Is more than the writer's imagination.
More than the sleeper's dreaming.
All else doesn't matter.
Is Love. Shining.


  1. I can feel the heat and since it is 60 degrees in our home (sometimes we splurge and turn it to 64) I can envision that beautiful flame and warmth and Love and Soul and I am grateful once again that I stopped by to visit you, dear Ardi!