Sunday, April 11, 2010


Earth can be the cave of fire in our dreams. A vision upon drifting there last night:

Earth glow illuminates
mist morning light on winter tree
still barren, stripped by storm.
In weeks new buds
and emerald shroud annoints
as spent members, broke,
accept the earth again as home.
Finis. Complete.
Ligtht in seasons cycle
follows sleep.

The shroud annointing now begins. Yesterday I put away my snow shovel for the warm season in Minnesota.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Ardi - this was wonderful. Especially "Sometime
    Before the first buds open
    And leaves emerge from sap-rich twig
    There is the Light that anoints
    This new awakening."

    Also the image of the bird's claim on the marsh. I see the same here on this land. They sit perched at the highest twigs, singing their hearts, just thrilling and trilling the buds to open... and the bud's burst forth.