Saturday, October 09, 2010

Song of Soul Searching

from a place of peace and knowing within,
of ages lived and relived . . .

my lord, my mate
my master, my servant
my child, my mother
my father
good friend
and worst foe
how do I know you?
do I know myself?
I've sought and I've found you
I've needed and nursed you
I've worshipped and cursed you
I've killed and been killed
by lance, by hand
and by heart
yet always an ember
still glowing still burning
restart the fire
of loving you always
you've loved me more
than I've loved myself
in this struggle, this search
and efforts so needy
and fleeting
the tenuous heart
wearing to polish
bright luster of soul
earth moon and sunset
starlit in gold
reflecting a love
lamp lit by the call
and caught by the sound
love song of soul searching
by love do I know you
and only by love
that I am.


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