Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sonic Star

It was a still night in winter -- like awakening in another world. A star.

Sonic Star

One star. One light.
Among millions. On a clear night.
Or did the clouds part that instant of recognition?
Vaporized by intent and choices in options.
Thoughts on the meaning of pain
and joy in this moment.
Of contradiction.
The Star.
Through the mist.
Among millions.
Finding truth through illusion.
And the Star is but One.
Or was it imagination that night?
The night of the Star.
Among millions.
One light. Tiny light.
Becomes brighter than
its brothers or its sisters.
Could not glance at the others
so near and far.
See it. Till I hear it.
Sonic Star.
Ember of the fire in the heart of God.
Holy Fire. Glowing white.
To yellow. And amber.
And red. Blue start.
Never doused.
Sonic Star.

© 2011 Ardi Keim


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