Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arbor Song in Light

September was lost in a wild ride of life's current state.  Hectic. Exciting. Challenge and reward. Ups and downs.  I realized today I didn't even post a single entry last month.  This morning, thinking of this beautiful season, some thoughts and feelings started to form.  First a title comes.

Arbor Song in Light

Days of change. Days of light and rain.
Movement and color.
And texture.
Thoughts rearranged.
Feeling of a new presence of being.
.   Well-being.
Predominant in the air, the light,
.   yet undefined by structures of mind.
Missed by most.
Yet, the simple,
.    the silent
. the slow  .  can hear it.
Hear it from the window
.   in the wind.
.  from the garden and pillow bed
. from the place of peace . and stress beyond belief.
Hear it from the heart and soul of toil's release.
The path, the way of walking
.   through the woods
. the way of calling to the trees.
As they stand through seasons.
of mankind's passion
living and dying
laughing and lying
love and war.
Moving only with the wind
and their last fall of returning.
Not death, but giving back
and keeping abundance collected
bestowed in blessing.
seed of kernel
meat of crossing
sap, the nectar
nursing soul.
And leaves.  In every color, but blue.
For sky is why and where the earth has ended
its grip severe.
Gravity is there, not here.
And the reason for trees to be
the bridge of crossing.
Both ways the wisdom flows.
Spring's rising of sap
October wisdom
Autumn's fall in color
and blessings only known
by the silent, the simple . and those who know to slow this pace of progress.
Hear it in the winter
in the summer.
Hear it in the night.
The song of calling
the arbor song of light.

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