Saturday, July 21, 2012

One With Sea

Recently, in our first cruise vacation this life, I was concerned about motion sickness because as a child I could not handle wild carnival rides.  But I was surprised. I actually enjoyed the motion of the ship, even when the seas were rough.  Like I had been there before -- in another ship on ancient seas.   Have any others had a similar experience?  

One With Sea

The sea.
.     The waves.
.          The ship.
I cling by soul,
by rig and rope.
I rise the swell to peak
and crash with pull and press
then fall to trough   
jack standard deep
and heave from bow to stern.

Roll and pitch   
to stress the deck,
its rack and roar,
creak in mast   
and timber truss support..
Salt-wind soaked,   
mainsail, mizzen
jib sheets full and taut
with tiller lashed to fast.    
This fleet
I ride a voyage   
high and trying.
See its triumphant end.
At sea as Soul I am in peace
and one with sea and wind.


  1. Marvelous Ardi.
    You've created a vivid impressionistic image to which the mariner in me resonates.
    I can smell the salty spray; ride the swelling waves; feel the wind in my face.

  2. Enjoyed the images and transported me to the waves of the Ocean ...a great beginning to an adventure ,write a Novel ?