Wednesday, June 12, 2013


There is a war of the worlds in progress.  Because these are the worlds of opposites.  There are but two sides.  They are often called good and evil.  But there is reality and illusion. There is confusion and certainty.  There is occupation and resistance.  Offence and defense.  Awareness and ignorance.  Freedom and enslavement.  We have been occupied by a force. Things will never be the same.  But the mirror still reflects a distortion to all but those who have seen both sides.  

Transparent.  Translucent.  Darkness and Light.  There are two ways to see it.  But only one solution: the Practice of Love.

© 2013 Ardi Keim 6/13/13


  1. I am sorry you believe things will never be the same.....for me, hearing that, one might just as well be a Christian believing in Armageddon. I hate to say it. For me, I think something is happening which is darkest before the dawn. -AR

  2. Our nation has never been perfect and it never will be ! Chaos is not the answer. If we step back and take a deep breath we realize all is well, and those who would abdicate the destruction of America because there ideals don't match what they want for America are selfish and sick and not Americans at all. George Bush led America away from the truth ! Rand Paul is leading those who believe in him on a path of no return,,,a fatalistic mindset that leads us in the direction of Death. America is a wonderful place beyond the words of those who think upheaval with fix it ! Fear is our worst nightmare in America and its fear of ourselves. Don,t blame Obama and stop watching the media negatives out there that put themselves above the rest of America by deciding they are the true reality of America. America has so many levels of humanity and its not based on chaos as an answer to fix all the problems. "VOTING matters and change is slow with our political system which is set up so that extremist views don't dominate the rest of us. One more thing ! America is a living breathing country with millions of people who deserve an America that is right and just,,,,this only happens when when people vote for what they want and not spend time crying about or motivating others to form a cause that involves hurting or killing others because they don't like what they see. God bless America.


  3. For those who think this is a negative view of the state of our nation or our lives on earth are seeing just one side. It is so much more. It is all in balance. And it is good. Consciousness leads us.