Thursday, March 05, 2015

A Stretch of Peace

       (Don't think too hard on this one.  I didn't.)

Starts with a mocking bird

hides in a willow still weeping.

Sun sets the table of inspiration.

Yes, March … to horizons lost

           in thoughts

                on the thawing song

                     of last winter

with its never-ending chorus of another.

Yet never mentions poetic stretch.

Like elastic--when rubber comes from

           the family tree of memory.

           Or is it a whippoorwill?

Notta lotta money tree.


This master checks off on all particles

           lit and sonic.

           Vibrating endlessly.



I live. I love. I write.

           Of love and life.

           Is One.


There is no end.

I leave it ALL to you.

Can't say what else my M o t h e r N a t u r e calling.

           Wide mouth and holy.

Too loud this language of secrets.

           We have none.

                 Well being is never left

                       without a mind lapse.


Has purpose in forgetting lets the head stuff off

its chronic condition.

Feverish before peace

           to the pace

                 of a sun fish.

Luke warm and perfect

           with your smile.

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