Sunday, June 05, 2005

RTW -- the Poem

First the concept of new-found wisdom. Then it spoke to me with a name. It's everywhere if you listen.

River-Tree Whispers

I heard it new one day
Life drawn skyward by sap to sun.
Talks to me across the ocean of reason.
Trees on the water
Calling by breeze of light,
Lisp of insects and dancing bees,
By bird song and chirp,
Within the silence of unlimited space
connecting all earth-sound
and soul's first flight.

River-tree whispers. Rocks babble.
Brook trout, still in the current,
eyes the dragon fly.
Is ready.
Does not flee the roar.
Trees of the forest,
Your message, the song.
And freedom in cause.

River-tree whispers.
I hear your call.

If you have a theme or concept, an image or dream
that begs for poetic expression -- I can help. Email
me at Refer to this blog,
River-Tree Whispers. --a

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