Saturday, July 23, 2005

Nature, Love & Spirit

These are my favorite poetry themes.

So far the poetry shared here is mostly of nature. Here are two that lean more toward the other two:

When a voice is not common, but touches something long ago…

There is Always

A beauty of heart not supposed at first—
face of faces multiplex
did go not noted with the rest.
Yet, this passing view
in regular reflection
was just enough,
till a word was spoke,
with a note of light and barely heard.
Or was it the lilt of laugh?

Then, turned to see that face anew.
Not just to please, but a brilliance,
and a song oracular.
That voice awoke within
a sounding chorus deep,
a teasing memory.

There was a time, a place
that heart and hand did play
a chord in twain, but one.
Was one of luck
that this soul was at my side.
A song, and long the timed refrain.

Glow of the heart
from voice and eyes and smile.
Now the sound and light.
There was an age when we were one,
and in eternity still.
For there is always song of heart.
The call is of my God,
and we are one.


Catching glimpses of other characters on our stage, scenarios unfold, sometimes intermesh with a scene or lesson of our own.


Two trains pass not stopping.
Otherwise there’d be doors opening
and passengers exchanging places.
Maybe names, and even
affinities forming.
Long wait at the station
into nowhere on this line.

We pass on the platform everyday.
Don’t look at your face
and you never open my eyes with yours.
What would happen if the train stopped
and we touched each other
on the Express to Central?

I could see forever in your eyes.
Or has the conductor
already signaled ahead?
Sliding doors, passing cars,
and hearts never fully opened

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