Thursday, February 23, 2006

half way there

In that place between awake and asleep so much can happen.

. sometime in the middle of chapter pages . or the o of this preposition . a good movie . even more so . if it's not so . i catch myself falling . sleep or keep trying to catch me . pulling back from the curtain . and slipping in again . a tricky tug-o-war between the two worlds . where the balance if held . is a play of itself . new characters . scenes and settings unfolding . paper boxes . conversation most mundane . by others in their continuity . or me of my state . in words i didn't even know i knew . about them . and their secrets . they are the players of an ancient caste . the hands in a shell game . discovered again anew . each time . they drive taxis . and write text . cut flowers and walk the road to watertown . or the water to summerland . could be masters . in conversation . half way to lights out . with me .

But then, which is better? Or, how long can you stay half way between?


  1. Interesting dream.

    We are having a special FFMB march this Friday. I thought you might like to be a part.

  2. That half-way place is so weird yet strangely fascinating. This post describes it so well.

  3. ML, I haven't heard a lot on this place from others, but I am convinced it is a window to the origin of music, poetry, art, etc. And with certain meditative exercises I am learning to keep that window open longer. It is a wellspring of exploration.

  4. Hi and hello! I'm a member of the FFMB and will be joining the march on Friday. Am playing the organ one of my favorite musical instruments which I can play forever untiringly.

  5. Half-way... It feels so safe, yet so vulnerable. Very interesting post.

    Here with the FFMB today! :) Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm running little behind this weekend checking all the FFMB blogs thought would pop in and say hi. Nice blog like your pictures.

  7. This is a great piece!

    Say, what's FFMB? I'm feeling a little out of the loop.

  8. Hi Ardie,

    I know its a very interesting experience and feeling isn't it?

    Hope you are doing well.



  9. thank you, rhi
    welcome back
    joi, go to top, see carol's site for ffmb
    ffmb members, thanks
    I'll comment on carol's blog
    when time allows.

  10. If you would like see the origin of the FFMB discussion see my comment on Carol's site.

  11. Yes
    I reside in this place
    inspiration is my food

  12. Thanks, roweena.

    For any other questioners of the FFMB issue, I am posting my comment on Carol's blog here as well:

    My dear fellow FFMB members:

    I write this with hesitation, as I’ve come to learn that the FFMB members are good people and conscientious bloggers. And I thank you, Carol, for your nomination of my poetry blog I probably should not have joined the band at that time, but didn’t understand the commitment it would take. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but life in the blogisphere is but a small part of my busy life. I do enjoy reading blogs of like-minded individuals. Then if the posts are longer than they are wide, I have a hard time getting through them. Not that some longer articles aren’t worth it but I do select carefully. Maybe I’m too much the child of today’s media sound bites. Anyway, that’s why I like haiku and other short poetry. And I do like art and photography blogs also, but I am still on dial-up, so images make it difficult (and time-consuming) for me to view.

    So I must, at this time, submit my resignation and leave the FFMB. I'll let it march on by and catch as catch can. My vacant position, somewhere near the rear, needs a more consistent piccolo player. I choose to listen to the beat from the sidelines, and let its glee inspire me. I’m a better player of the divine instrument through poetry, than piccolo.

    And in leaving I would like to suggest a courtesy of FFMB members. There has been some confusion caused by the band’s traffic to my site. It has been expressed by some commenters who do not know of the group. See wordsofjoi on my post of 2-23-06. I would prefer comments be limited to the qualities of my post or the ideas/images they present. I know I could delete impertinent comments, but most are not completely so. And by posts of yours I’ve read, I know your intent is good. I feel comments on a blog should reflect a true response to the post, and maybe stretch the contents over additional intellectual landscape. Most times my contemplative appreciation is not put into words. I think all opinions and beliefs are attempts at attaining truth. But truth is illusive to the human mind. Soul is higher than that. Silence is often a sweet song.

    I love you all. Thank you. And may the blessings be.