Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Winter's Wind

Loss is not my nature,
For I am of an endless bounty
Lives in my heart. Is love.
And urgent for renewal.
The wind that couldn't wait for Spring
Carries light--winter's wind
Is roaring
In stars tonight it sings.
Couldn't even wait till morning.
It is the season of my breath,
My song, my brother.
Urgent for renewal.
The tearing wind
And gentle
Breeze of every season's love.
And lover of its bounty.
Winter's wind.


  1. This poem feels like the wind.

  2. Very good Ardi! Marching with the FFMB today!

  3. Very nice!!! Your poetry is very soulful...do you mind if I link to you?

  4. Thanks, folks.
    Diva, please do.

  5. your poetry moves me..and your beautiful imagery has capture me...

    i put u in my favorites..
    i am also a poet too.

    well keep writing!

  6. Ardi I know this comment is not about your post but I hope you will take it in the spirit given. I read your post over at carol's about not wanting to be a part of the FFMB band. I'm real proud of the way you handled it. I too felt just what you wrote in your comment over there, and its why I left FFMB a while back myself. But I also feel partly responsbile because I am the one that nominated you because I like your blog so much! That was about the time though that I realized I didn't want to be into the FFMB "agenda" and felt just as you, yet you said it so well much better than I ever could! I e-mailed Carol and told her why I didn't want to be part of the FFMB anymore..and she did appreciate my honesty and telling her as she says most people just "fade away" and never tell her, so she appreciates the input and honesty. I am so sorry that I am the one that got you into that. So I accept that responsibility. I don't have the time or want to go to all these blogs to say "hi" blah blah..its not my thing. I, like you, like to go to the blogs I connect to and like. And would you believe that I was never a "Friendless blogsite"? Carol just came to my blog one day, introduced herself to me and asked if I would help her out and bring in "Friends" so well anyway, it got so stressful. And I am not very comfortable with some of the "religous agenda" either..I didn't want to " fit into" that at all..I'm spiritual and not into organized religion. so its nice people can get together and have soemthing in common I suppose.

    I hope you will forgive my transgressions..:(.. I truely apologize for I didn't realize what I was getting into with FFMB either..I often wonder how do they have time to do all that blogging???

    You can delete this after reading it if you want..it might be a good idea..was going to e-mail you about this but lost your e-mail addy.


    Blessings to your sweet heart and the way you handled it all and yet with pure honesty..


  7. your very welcome-

    keep writing!

  8. Rhi, Thank you so much for this comment. There is nothing to forgive. I do appreciate your intent, as well as the visits by all who have come from FFMB. I agree with all you say here. And my connection with God is more important to me than anything else. That connection is strengthened by how I relate to everyone--family, friends, those I don't even know. All are Soul from the same Source as I. I can speak no ill of anyone, only express my opinions of their actions. We are all human. And we all have our ups and downs in our spiritual journey. I love everyone because Our Source is Love. And God loves us all too. You and your work show me that love. So do all of FFMB. It is my intention to see that love in every soul, no matter whether they see it or not. Thanks again for your loving action. I'll write you.

    (For those who would like see the origin of this discussion or visit the good people of FFMB see my comment on Carol's site. It is the 16th one down.)