Sunday, August 12, 2007

Morning Anointing

Yesterday, the night. Today, the Light. And my garden.

Morning Anointing

Sun in my face and facing the play of green
yellow-lime and jade to shaded forms
the east-lit trees
three sentries standing ancient in
this age of spruce
this garden growing teamed
with bees and moth
and butterfly
by song in reaching oak
three squirrels of industry
a toad unseen below
to soak past noon
this room outside
my garden window
I contemplate this view of life
from deck on padded seat
and stool, my feet
too perched to face
the morning light
with soul remembering sweet
sod, then mud
anointing, now washed
in new sunlight.

(I hadn't seen a toad all summer, then later that day I did.)

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