Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sleep Interrupted

Love the blessings of summer nights and early morning storm. Last night was one. . .

Sleep Interrupted

Storm in the night. First
Sound and light west
Now approaching
Would another dry run
Pass us by?
I can seed it with Love makes it rain
Thank you Great Spirit!
This gift to the earth
Populated and craving
We love quenching of flesh
And its passion
First drops with wind waving trees
In dance for a downpour
Now flashing and crack snap exploding
So close or within
Is our spruce or theirs in its split?
The neighbors awake in same celebration
The lake and the rivers rejoice
Heavy drops turn to splatter and splash
Love making rain out of passing light show
And sound flashing us back
To our bones, to our roots
Up, close the windows
And open to love
Of this gift
From the gods of creating
The rain. And sleep
Even better. Storm
Banging the east
Thunderous treat and cool
Morn repeated
In dreams of last night
Sleep interrupted
And love


  1. your poem made me think of making love.

    my favorite days are those when it's raining. so many thousands of shades of grey and green...

  2. c-
    you got it
    and during a downpour
    in crescendo with
    sound and light
    so right

  3. Hi Ardi,
    Really great Poem, thank you for thinking of me. Your poem gives me a new look at rain and how it can effect me and life around me. Rain can give to us and take from us, had never thougt about rain and it's potential. Need to look at life here on this plain and truly look at it with love, so that love can express more in what I myself can do to make life more abundant and full of love. Patricia