Saturday, March 29, 2008

On Time

Listen up. Light the torch. Awaken sweet dreamers.

(Art from Dan's Papers.)

On Time

Moving through the night unseen
except where posted lamps flood light
on its progress growing.
Would you ever know
if you were deaf?
Are you?
Train comes early.
Or is it just on time?

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  1. Ardi K, I just noticed you'd written a comment for me saying that your sister had died last Nov and noticed my interest in poetry. I thank you for inviting me to read here and I will save in my favorites. Some poetry here and there in my blog written by me. I have written it since very young. I trust you are remembering your sister in many ways and writing is so helpful. I tend to type on and on in my blog so it may be tedious to read for you, but it has been a great relief in dealing with much grief. I just finished a book called "A Sideways Look at Time" by Jay Griffiths last night and now I see your poem "On Time". I enjoyed it ... and have written, "...serenity in a whinin' train" and "I'll stare the sun right in the face, then I won't see these winter shadows, and I won't dwell on things to come, I'll let the past go by the wayside, and down the railroad tracks I'll run." -KLH