Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret Pages

One from the past...

Image from re-nest.

Secret Pages

Secrets you keep from every other
show ever painted in the color of your eyes
in the corner of your smile
and while you never speak or write
the truth of heart
that grandchildren will not find
I read it in your eyes and in your smile
know you like my soul
wish I knew myself as well
can’t help the heart it cries
in echoes calling you
and me from lifetimes
of past ancestors progeny
while generations
issue script will be once more
of secret page’s note
can’t ever speak or write
or paint its color outside the lines
words and tones reflected in your eyes
in the corner of your smile
in the rhyme
secrets kept and stories never told
you’ve kept the secret yours
the verse is mine.

--ak 1/5/02

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