Friday, April 04, 2008

Along the River

Some lives are lived ~ and at the end: fond memories.
Others -- relief at their completion. What next?
Remember the journey
along River Millennia . . .
Was endless and joy
in the summer
of bounty
sweet reverie together
before the forest
and quiet sleep
of dreams
with amber light
white clouds building.
And then . . .
Do your remember?


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog:)

    i also enjoy your poetry.


  2. I truly enjoy this one and it has inspired me to go back to my own blog and put down a poem I wrote for my husband years ago...I think it's readily available(?) Thank you for you! It was interesting also visiting the Ekankar(sp?) portion of your blog. There is a place in downtown Royal Oak by a vegetarian restaurant I've noticed for many yrs but have never made it inside. Perhaps one day... KLH
    p.s. I changed my URL since photo in the Rolls was 20+ yrs ago ;o)

  3. Thanks al-aswad & kylita