Monday, April 14, 2008

late martin

knocking now on dawn's window
what was only random thoughts of longing
now a song more seen than heard
as the frozen wind
rattling branches and drifting white
wisps for a new note
of possibility .
only yesterday
still rain and gloom-cast
then like a late martin migrating
air currents carry my heart
to every corner of chance
now seeing only aces
in a hand of magic
to play the heart card
and start a fire in the hearth .
knowing weather's wind of change
and every morning's dawn
draws open the blind
of new possibility
and sunshine


  1. How beautiful ... I love "playing the heart card" Thank you for helping me stay centered on what is important...the "heart card".

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  3. I'm sorry, somehow I posted this same comment twice, so I removed one. Hmmmmmm, just wanted to thank you for the beautiful poem (as well as the others that followed). So there! I posted twice anyway! ;o) KLH