Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Notes

Love this season. A walk, a drive. The view from windows west . . .
In just a week there was this turning. Earth warmth and rich in greens with fruit and seeded pods, to colors from a higher realm. And blest
with a new perception of your heart.

Sunshine on a cloudy day
Photo by Dave Larson
Photographer's note: Sunshine streamed into this hillside grove just before I started taking pictures near Chanhassen, MN.

October Notes

Abundance rich
The senses now reflect
A revolution of heart in gold
And colors primary full unfolding
Crossing lined and rolling ways
Lies lace and jeweled by sun
The rain's first mist in touch
And yet before advance of wind
After night's chill and blessings fall
Like love notes from months past and next
Heaven's message in these leaves
To buffer winter's risk alright
Warm now with your hand
And hearts together tried
Still holding.


  1. Beautiful imagery and understanding in your words - perfect complement to that lovely autumn photo.

  2. What a beautiful combination of the photo and the artistic picture painted by your words!

  3. I love autumn and that poem describes it exactly. Wow! great piece in brevity.