Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Red-Tagged Black

It came to me this morning as looked back to the polling place waiting for my wife:

One on the cross
Another on the gable
Two black crows
Also ignore my vote
As I go from church red-tagged.
Black crow. Where do I go from here?

Now as I listen to the results of polls closing, it looks like it is as I have been saying all along. Obama will take it. There will be a lot of cheer and hope. Relief for a few weeks or months.

Then . . . Same as before, but worse. Less freedom. More taxes. And war continues.

But we, as a country, get exactly what we need to take us to the next step, spiritually. And hard as that may be, the human spirit will survive. Our value is within. When the consciousness raises again to a level to recognize the call of Soul is freedom. No one will take care of us. We will learn again that we can, and we must take care of ourselves. And we will no longer allow the corrupt to make promises to do what's right while dealing with the dark side.

Love will light the truth. Keep it in your heart and lives. It is our only hope.


  1. I just realized the title of this entry may be considered to be a racial comment, considering the president-elect is Black. It is not. I am glad that America didn't let his race stop a vote for change. But I didn't vote for him. Nor did I vote for McCain, but wrote in "Ron Paul" because of the truth in his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto. If you read it you'll know there is still hope for freedom, for prosperity & for peace. The power is with us. No person, no party, no legislation will save us. When we recognize and act on the truth, we will save ourselves.

  2. I wanted you to know that I didn't think that. I was somewhat confused; I love crows, but I did vote for Obama as a vote against
    McCain. That is unfortunately usually how I have voted. I had tried to reply to your post a day or 2 ago but it wouldn't let me. I am attempting again just so you know I respect your reasoning and understand how very much we all need to accept personal responsibility, esp to begin within and work with our own truths. Many others come to me for "help" all my life, and I would pour my heart out and try to give them my highest and best personal assessment of what I heard them saying, then realizing that they really only wanted to tell me their "story" ... so often I've just said, "Save yourself!" when others are trying to believe they need to be someone else's salvation. I may not be "hitting the nail on the head" here, but I am just giving a thumbnail response. I will work within myself for my personal Peace and energetic power.
    SisSTAR ^;^

  3. Kylita, Thanks for your considered response. I like your thought. I too love crows. And I love Obama--though I didn't vote for him. I think he is more in touch with his heart (and ours) than McCain. But that is just personal. That doesn't mean I don't love McCain. I can see Soul in each. And I know some who see the love in him more than them see it in Obama. Love speaks. And it is that love that we each give and receive that we give and receive that will "save the world."
    That's why I didn't vote for either of them. And I will never vote for the "least of 2 evils." If we all voted for the love in each other we would be supporting that, and we wouldn't have this society controlled by those who operate from greed and power because of the support (love) they didn't receive. I voted for Ron Paul (wrote him in), because of the principle he supports. Self-responsibility.

  4. Your words ring true in that we are the only ones who can make a difference...indeed we are the only ones who ever have.

  5. I think we need to start from somewhere...and this is to me something good happening down the road..I have always felt this since Obama first started running for president 2 years ago. I knew he would win the election. We will see what happens once he becomes president..I see he has already got his nose to the grindstone and to me this is a good sign. Yes, he does have heart and maybe at this point in time this is a good thing for the country. But it seems he is also a dedicated man to "get the job done".

    Give him a chance first Ardi.



  6. Hi Rhi, Thank you for your words. It is the trust and hope of people like yourself that will pull this country up from a 3rd-rate, moral pit of war and greed to one in support of peace, liberty and prosperity--the principles which we were founded upon. As Obama supports those hopes, and we hold him to it, then we will move ahead. But it is the country as a whole (we the people) that move us ahead--in moral leadership. No one will save us from anything that we don't claim for ourselves. I hope you and the millions that voted for him, and the millions that didn't, get that message of self-responsibility. There is always hope. The message I may have implied to the contrary is one from a frustrated soul. We are all learning and growing. Thanks again for the reminder. A manifesto I wrote mid-year gives some guidelines for moral leadership by the people. It is my stance and that Spirit of Law is my hope.

  7. Ardi, I understand your point..and I know Obama stated this quite a few times..that we all must take responsiblity and "act" and we all must also be willing to make sacrifices for the "greater good".

    Reading about all of the cruel "evil" actions of people angry at Obama now becoming president just because he is black? Well, really in the long run I am hoping this will help us to grow by "looking in the mirror" at ourselves and seeing and understanding that there still is much to learn and "evolve" in relation to some of the prejudice narrow mindedness that is happening still in this country. It's shameful but also a "reminder" and a "wake up call" for many. I do believe everything happens for a reason and that history will show that at this time in our country we "moved beyond" the color of someones skin in regards to our president. A great change is headed our way.

    As for "self responsibility" well I know what you mean..many who have no clue, and everything is done for and given to them..and they never take responsibility for their actions..what would they do if suddenly they lost everyone and were left completely on their own? They would have to get themselves a real "reality wake up education" on how to survive..that's for sure! But I must say as for me it is all I have ever really done..take care of myself, try to be true to my word, respectful of others and take care of business..when you've no family support or much of a support system at all you learn to "do it all" regardless of how tired or worn out you feel. But my spirit holds on and yet sad at times I still do "believe". However I would like to say at this point "when do I get a vacation"!!!???..it's been so many years I can't remember when!...:o)

    Don't give up hope Ardi, I do believe Obama is capable of more than you think. he is trying to bring people with different "politics" together in his new upcoming administration and I think he will make history bringing them all together and less divided because he will include many with different opinions and that in itself may just start the healing process instead of all this divisiveness that so many seem to thrive on in this country these days.

    My I'm looking at what I just wrote and it looks like a "speech"!..thanks for dropping by my blog to see the innocent little kitty playing...a new life in this "new world"..it's a beginning.

    "I have a Dream"..