Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Catching glimpses of other characters on our stage, scenarios unfold, sometimes intermesh with a scene or lesson of our own.


Two trains pass not stopping.
Otherwise there’d be doors opening
and passengers exchanging places.
Maybe names, and even
affinities forming.
Long wait at the station
into nowhere on this line.

We pass on the platform everyday.
Don’t look at your face
and you never open my eyes with yours.
What would happen if the train stopped
and we touched each other
on the Express to Central?

I could see forever in your eyes.
Or has the conductor
already signaled ahead?
Sliding doors, passing cars,
and hearts never fully opened.

(first published in 2005)


  1. This poem reminds me of a story I read recently on a local blog. I can't even remember which blog, or I'd give you the link. It was written by a man, regarding an unnamed woman who he passed each morning on his way into work. They always passed at the same time, never spoke, and never made eye contact until the last moment before passing. He hadn't realised how it was a defining part of his morning, until one day, she wasn't there. The story was left hanging, leaving the reader wondering whether she was on holidays, or had changed her work schedule. There was a sense of certainty that she would be back, as if that daily non-contact had some sort of fidelity attached to it.

  2. Ardi,

    This poem is so true of the world these days isn't it? You wrote it so perfectly expressing exactly how a lot of us humans interact or "don't" interact with one another.

    This reminds me a lot of my thoughts when I wrote a poem in my blog (April04,2006)titled "Robotic"...when I wrote it I had the same feelings as your poems has to it.



  3. yes.. so many options are there, so many things could happen. but life gives and gives and are eyes, too many times, remain closed.

  4. The word 'serendipity' comes to mind as I read this. 'Carpe diem,' too, seems appropriately relevant. ;) Cheers.