Friday, December 26, 2008


Photo by Dave Larson


In the darkest hour
those that did not hide
from the light
realized that freedom
cannot be curtailed by the forces of darkness.
And others have not yet experienced
the darkest hour
for they know light
always prevails.
Light is within.
Dark forces.
Light shines...
and always.

Good Day!



  1. Namaste, Ardi K. I am grateful for having met your acquaintance this past blogging year. You are an inspiration to me. I see The Light xo

  2. And in facing the fear and darkness, as we walk through it, we begin to feel and see and "know" that the light is always there.

    I love this thank you for "sharing" the light with us.

    I hope your New Year got off to a good start Ardi. I really feel that this year will be a less selfish year for many and we will become more as "one" instead of individual "ones"...if you known what I mean.

    Love and Blessings,