Thursday, May 12, 2011

From the Place of Peace

Our grandson, Theo, was 8 weeks old on Tuesday.

From the Place of Peace

You've come now to this world.
Good choice.
Even though you may not think so at times
if you think much at all these days.
I know the harshness of earth air
and the chill of water,
hunger and trouble with clatter
and lights – all have their hazards to peace.
Peace of mind if you will.

And soon you will.
Thought will become more natural to you
as you adjust yourself to this world
of thought-matter and action.

You will see how thought with feeling will manifest
your wants and needs and dreams.
I know it is so much different
than what you were accustomed to
in that timelessness where peace was your abode.

I know -- now you are still clinging
to that peace and comfort there --
that state which is most recognized
in the warmth and love of your mother
and the sweetness of her breast.
And in your sleeping.
And the song that is sometimes heard
from the mouths of others
as they try to repeat the notes forgotten.
Even your own cooing in moments of rest and delight and satisfaction
remind me of the Song. That one that makes you smile widely
brightening your eyes.

Don't forget it.
Even when your thoughts are being led by the other sounds
and the intent of those in their distraction.
Remember how it was when you where in the natural state.
Draw on what you knew – and still know.
And remember your friends –
those who whispered to you – the Truth.
And the silent ones –
those who gave you the love,
that you know can never die,
even when you don't feel it –
the love that is shared by a touch
soft as your mother's.

I know you haven't forgotten.
The other morning
when you did not track my antics,
but stared past me to my right.
Was it your friends?
Was it your Teacher from the place of Peace?
Did they give you some hints
for this time here?

In time too, I will give you hints.
As will all those who love you.
There are many.
By your heart you will know how to use them.
And by your mind.
And the Song.
And your friends.
And Teacher.

We love you, Theo from the Place of Peace.
14 lbs, 5 1/2 oz at 8 weeks
(c) 2011 Ardi Keim

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