Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stillwater Nights

This is the title of an oil painting by a friend, Mark Daehlin of a panoramic view of the Minnesota town of Stillwater from across the river.

There is so much more to the image than the pictorial representation. I go there as Soul in words that attempt to expand and distill its reality.

stillwater nights
fluid in peace
of the light in dream’s night
on the river of deep contemplation
elation at this new-found place of love
in all its forms
and layers
and inner light
stillwater nights
in heart and home
as soul



  1. Ardi, thank you for posting your poem that so beautifully expresses the feelings Mark's painting invokes in you.

  2. Perfectly written Ardi...describes the painting so well...and just a "stillness" and silence of the beauty of "soul" painted in colors that bring a sense of utter least to me it does.

    Thank you for sharing.