Friday, November 14, 2008

Earth Gift

Though the leaves have almost all fallen, and snow is in the air as often as autumn leaves--beauty persists. In a morning of light and life, it was the view of the silver maple outside my window that inspired this poem. It is of Love. It is of a Divine Gift.

The word, HU in this piece is an ancient name for God. There is reference to it in Egyptian lore, Sufism and the religion of Eckankar and others.

Earth Gift

The breeze that animates the trees
Makes every leaf resound in resonance
And breathe. Your name
Is HU.

And then
At summers end,
Before full narrowing of light
The Sound anticipated
Almost by sense of sight.
From sun to rain and chill
A quickening of all earth life
The ring of needs yet to fill
The sounding toll before
The final bell
Is first
And HU is last.

After the turning – slow to start
The art released, once synthesized in green,
This sweet array of dreamers' scene
Falls silent once again
The song of silence
Light and Sound on earth
The Song of HU.

Green and yellow leaves
Of red. And white – the snow
Released. And now we know
The Gift to earth
Your name
Is HU.



  1. very nice work! yes, trees have given me, too, so much poetry. :)

  2. Had to come back and read this beautiful poem. Love to voice Hu. Thank you for that, Ardi. This poem brings out my gratitude and makes me feel joy right here and now.
    Blessings from
    your SisSTAR

  3. Ardi,

    I just wanted to drop by and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

    I've never forgotten your sharing with me in the past of saying "Hu". I say it from time to helps relax me and feel more at peace.

    Beautiful tree and beautiful poem also.

    Love and Blessings,


  4. Thankful for NOW to be sure! Thanks for commenting on my site ... "connecting"
    Blessings for your Soul
    klh xo