Friday, November 28, 2008

After Storm

When mind tries to take what Soul has made,
when uncertainty, stress or fear
halt the journey,
entries in its journal also cease
till there is a turning within.
Silence helps.

Okay, think.
But not too much.
Or thoughts are stopped.
Blocked. Stalled.
In spiral descending.
Opposing growth
Of cedar or pine.
Or the flight of an eagle
Time matters not
To the Eye of Light,
To the rate of waves returning,
The song of season's change.
The cliff on the cape
Forever washed by storm
And sailors dreaming.
The new day
Is lit by vision.
For thought
Cannot stop the sunrise
After storm.

I write. And it was a good day for Thanks.



  1. Ardi,

    When I read this poem I thought to myself "this is his best poem". I read it and thought it was just "perfect" in every says so much and is so flowing and I understood that feeling of "thinking to much" which seems to stop "The flow"..yes silence is good. I need that so much right now..maybe one day soon when I get my own place to live. I appreciate the reminder by reading your poem. The words were just beautiful.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes in your e-mail and I hope you have a great time in Portland. I'm sure your not going home down in this direction (south) but will be headed home going north. So, have a safe trip home.

    I hope your wife's mother is doing okay.

    Thank you my "kindred spirit" friend,

    Love and Blessings,


  2. Ardi, 'The new day is lit by vision', I so like that sentence. Thanks for this. The new day IS lit by vision, in the truest sense.

  3. "After Storm" captures so much, with a few well chosen images. How true and timeless:
    "The new day Is lit by vision, for thought cannot stop the sunrise after storm."


  4. Beautiful. Expansive.

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