Sunday, August 30, 2009

David and the Giant

There is a giant in each of us.

He rested
Finally seeing
The turning points of dramatic import
Are balanced by others more subtle
Like the patience of a cat
In constructing the pounce
That never takes place.

Still in every moment
The awareness and possibility
Are knowing
The experience
As the sparrow
In its last breath
Before the sacrifice.

Ascendance is its own reward
Not knowing.
Nothing is ever lost
When we live
Within the unfolding.

He rested
And left his sling -- a tether
Alongside the slain giant.

How many more cycles
Till we see ourselves
As friend, as foe?
As Soul.



  1. "how many more cycles till we see ourselves"?...good writing..isn't it the truth?

    Sometimes the questions can be more important than the answers, don't you think Ardi?

    Hope your doing well these days..fall is on it's way and those "naked trees" are heading our way..I can't wait for all the colors of the falling trees and the cooler weather.