Saturday, August 15, 2009

Earth Life

Left alone, the earth replenishes.
Biological life forms evolve.
Single-cells by the billions diversify
A million ways.
Repel and attract
Attach and entwine.
Combine with each other
And dine on the rest.
Chemical bath, energy field
And divine inspiration.
Soul in the mix.
But why?

What is life on earth,
But the infinite meandering
Of universal thought?
At one time, or before time,
Soul took a form
Known now as our body –
A vehicle to live in
And move in this realm.
Populate the planet.
And there was a mandate:
Do what it takes to grow.

What does it take?

First from the chaos came a need for convention.
Some rules for the game.
Say, start. And rest. And stop & go.
To grow we need a system of measure.
Time is the track of our lives. So slow.
And space is our place to hold.
Said, Do what it takes to grow.

And we have.
In cycles.
Growth and regression.
Progress and succumb to a downward force
That seems as strong as the Most High.
It is. And it may even win
If it were not for the spark of light
That is with us always,
The impulse to go where we’ve not gone before.
And return to our home once more.
Pioneer Souls, Go out. Grow.
And come home.

The earth has been kind so far.
Providing material resource,
And harsh-laid challenge
Well suited for adaptation.
And we have.

And yet there are the unending cycles
Go out and come back
And over again.
There’s got to be more.
What is the Way?
And where is my guide.

How many times have I been here?
When will I see your face

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