Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twodot Montana

Roundup, Lavina, Ryegate, Shawmut, Harlowton, Twodot.

I use to live in Montana and still have twenty acres off Hwy 12 near Lavina. A friend told the story that my mind has etched in memory. So I decided to personalize it in verse:

The only thing I know of Twodot Montana
Is the time traveling west
On Highway 12
And a man standing
Atop his Ford Fairlane
Blue suit white shirt
No tie
And a badger circling
Intent on protecting
Her cubs
Just past the sign
To Twodot.



  1. :) wow

    i haven't been in a
    while. how r u?

  2. Been to .. ? :)

    Thanks, Kai. Good to see you back. And thanks for following.

  3. Love your Twodot! By the way, last night around 12:30 am we were coming home with groceries and I jaunted up to the little porch and noticed a white tail underneath the bench and thought it was "Creamy" our cat's girlfriend who comes around ... and then, glory be! I saw that that whiteness had a whole lot of blackness with it! yep! a skunk was underneath the bench by the front door and I was about a foot away! I kept walking off the other side and waited until Jeff backed the car in and opened his door to tell him "don't do anything!" and he just then saw it dawdling down the steps and underneath the other vehicle...never to bother us at all, not even one little whiff. Visualizing your man on top of his car with the mama badger circling reminded me of that. I love your poetry! Thanks a lot! klh

  4. Thanks, Ky. Nature inspires. Soul compels.