Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More Haiku -- if you don't mind

(FYI: hai-ku. Three lines -- five syllables, seven, and five.)

I guess I started writing poetry in earnest when I bought my first typewriter in 1968. I still have it, but haven't used it in years. At that time I wrote a little ditty on how typewriters inspire. Who knows where that first poem is? Anyway, here is the current haiku version of it:


Poet's voice now freed
Plat, plat, plat -- like big rain drops
Typewriter inspired.

In my web research yesterday I came upon some cat haiku. Here are my offerings:


Crawl onto my lap
Purring metronome, the tail
Contemplation cat.

Then, I just couldn't help myself:

Cat Haiku

Qualities of fluff
Antics at the end of tail
Breathe, Cat, in haiku.

Too often I write poetry about poetry. Is that cheating? Here's another:

Haiku Haiku

Meter and rhyming
Trying to make it be true
This verse in haiku.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm sure there will be more.


  1. There can never be too much playfulness on the planet. Just read about that yesterday in David Icke's book INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION.
    Uniformity is second-hand-life. Soul-speak is Play.
    So, here's my philosophy in a nutshell.

  2. I write, I play, I Zoom.

  3. Inspiration, contemplation, and writing Haiku about Haiku or poetry about poetry it is not cheating but inspiring.
    Generally in philosophy you contemplate first then you are inspired by nature or whatever it is.